My Foolproof Formula for Building Your Brunch Look

If you follow along on my social channels, you know I'm no stranger to brunch. But before you can dive into the french toast, bacon and eggs, you have to leave the haven that is your warm bed and get dressed. Luckily, I dug into my years of brunch experience to devise a foolproof brunch attire formula.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty

In the latest edition of holiday gift guides on The Modern Mosaic, this one is for all of my fellow beauty lovers! Here's my list of must-have face and hair products to update your or your loved one's beauty routine before 2017.

4 90s Trends That Made A Serious Comeback In 2016

Through all of the ups and downs,  there's no denying that 2016 was a year of the comebacks. TV shows like Full House and Gilmore Girls made their way back into our homes, audiences lined up to see Ghostbusters and The Jungle Book, and some beloved fashion trends made it back into the mainstream. I recently shot with Caitlyn Nikula Photography in Downtown Seattle to capture my favorite throwback styles of from this year.