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Visualize who is working on what and when to optimize efficiency and maximize profitability.
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Sync your people and projects to drive profit

Mosaic lets you visualize your people with their project workload so you can see who's overbooked, who can take on more, and if you need to hire. For the first time, you can match your work with the capacity of your people and drive record profit. 
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Manage better

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to prevent burnout.

Work smarter

Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline project and resource planning.

Allocate faster

Get AI-powered recommendations to instantly assemble project teams with the right skills, availability, and more.

"Mosaic helps us visualize how things are evolving and changing..." 
Colin Alley, AIA LEED AP
Associate Principal / Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Supercharged resource planning for high-performing agencies

Optimize your agency like never before with Mosaic’s next-generation resource management software. Get real-time data on key performance metrics like workload, utilization, variance, role demand, and profit.

Manage Work Together

Mosaic provides visibility to plan work collaboratively, ensuring everyone knows what they need to do next —maximizing efficiency and significantly increasing profitability.

Visualize workload to boost utilization

Finally, see and understand what your team can and can't get done to manage deadlines and balance workload. Mosaic makes it easy to keep everyone busy—without overscheduling, which significantly increases billable hours and profit.

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Ensure every project is profitable

Mosaic provides real-time budget visibility to control project budgets and track performance. Quickly adjust budgets as plans change and manage scope creep to recapture additional services.

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Project staffing superpowers

Mosaic breaks down the silos in your company to give you instant access to anyone —across teams, departments, and even offices. Mosaic's AI saves you days of back and forth by matching people for projects to put together teams in minutes.

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Stop hiring when it hurts

Mosaic takes the guesswork out of hiring by forecasting demand by role, and comparing it to the capacity of those roles, so you know exactly who to hire—and when. Mosaic even shows you which skills you'll need to hire for.

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Integrate Mosaic with your financial software to unlock new insights

Mosaic's seamless financial integration combines your project, people, and budget data to dramatically improve utilization, productivity, and profitability.

"Before, we could only forecast about a month ahead, and now we can budget the whole project."
Steve Shaffer, AIA

Let everyone in your agency be heard

Mosaic is the only resource planning software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to directors and principals, every person in your company will benefit from being connected and managing work with Mosaic.

A powerful people management tool built for agencies

Mosaic enables agencies to efficiently balance workload, which increases utilization while eliminating costly overtime and burnout. With powerful features including project planning, workload management, budget tracking, reports, and dashboards, Mosaic gives your agency everything it needs to maximize productivity and profitability.
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